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A Driveshaft is a mechanical component that connects the transmission of the vehicle to the Axle Assembly with the help of Universal Joints or U-Joints. The basic purpose of the driveshaft rod is to convert motion or torque from the transmission end to the axle end with minimal loss of power. The U-joints allow the driveshaft to adapt to the constantly changing relative angles between the axle and the transmission due to road bumps, depressions and turning wheels. Hence the driveshaft transfers torque from the transmission to the axle in a smooth, continuous and vibration-free manner. The efficiency of a driveshaft depends on how light and straight the driveshaft is.

In a front-engine rear-wheel-drive, a rear-differential that hosts the gear, transmission and the clutch is connected to a longitudinal driveshaft connecting to the engine and the axles. This is called the rear driveshaft. In comparison, a front-engine front-wheel-drive uses a short driveshaft connecting the transmission to the axles. This is called the front driveshaft.

A problematic or faulty driveshaft can result in major performance issues since the power from the engine may not be completely utilized by the drive axles. Hence, it is necessary to replace a faulty driveshaft to avoid any problems associated with it. Brand-new drive shafts may cost quite and bit but that does not mean you should bank on spurious aftermarket drive shafts. If you don't want to spend too much on a replacement driveshaft, you must go for a used OEM driveshaft. Used OEM drive shafts are factory-made and they do not create compatibility issues like aftermarket drive shafts do. These are inexpensive drive shafts that function as effectively as brand-new ones. offers you high-quality used OEM drive shafts that are guaranteed to work. These come along with 90 Days Warranty, Free Shipping and many more fabulous offers and discounts.

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